Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Squirrel Wants a Seven

The boy squirrel gathers nuts for winter by playing craps in “Now That Summer is Gone” (1938).

The title theme is sung by a female vocal groups throughout the first two minutes or so. After winning at craps, the squirrel (played by Mel Blanc) comes up with his own specialty lyrics—before being slapped by father squirrel (played by Billy Bletcher).

Director Frank Tashlin pans over to a trio of male squirrels with their own specialty lyrics, warning the boy squirrel of the dangers of gambling. There are overlays aplenty in this cartoon, sometimes two in the same scene. The male vocal squirrels are framed by two trees on an overlay (the overlays jump around a bit in this cartoon as well.

There are no credits on the cartoon, but it’s possible the animators included Bob Bentley, Joe D’Igalo, and Volney White. I’d love to know who Tashlin’s background artist was.


  1. I love the scene with the squirrel stamping כָּשֵׁר on (Kosher!) acorns. Usually you gotta go to a Fleischer rather than a Warner Brother to see something that Jewish!

  2. McKimson was in Tash's unit at the time as well. So was Ken Harris.

  3. 2/12/15 Wrote:
    The line I remember most as a kid watching this one: (SLAP!) Gambling Again, 'Eh?"

  4. Thankfully the Blue Ribbon version didn't replace the audio over the end title.