Friday, 27 February 2015

Sir Mix-It-Up-A-Lot-With-A-Dragon

Perhaps it’s best that “One Droopy Knight” didn’t win the Oscar. After all, who would have accepted it? The awards were handed out in March 1958, months after MGM shut down its cartoon studio.

Many of the gags are lifted from earlier, Tex Avery Droopy cartoons (Homer Brightman got the story credit). Here’s a collision gag with an Avery-like “break into pieces” ending. Director Mike Lah and layout artist Ed Benedict gave the dragon some good expressions through the cartoon. Note when the impact happens, the background changes to coloured cards.

Herman Cohen, Irv Spence, Ken Southworth and Bill Schipek were given the animation credits. Bill Thompson supplies all the voices, except the woman’s scream which likely came from the studio’s effects reels.

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  1. I always liked this for the new sound effect, which would become common on the upcoming HB studio. It's so sudden and unexpected in an MGM studio production. This period (when H and B had taken over as studio producers) was like the bridge to their own studio.