Monday, 16 February 2015

How Many Aces?

Mike Maltese revived and revamped the old poker “I’ve got four aces/I’ve got five aces” gag. He changes the numbers to five and six. With both players cheating it’s even more ridiculous. The players in question are Bugs Bunny and Colonel Shuffle.

I really like subtle sight gag where Shuffle’s eyes give away his hand.

Note how Bugs is holding five cards but a sixth somehow appears when he spreads them out on the table.

Ken Harris, Lloyd Vaughan, Ben Washam and Phil Monroe are Chuck Jones’ animation crew in “Mississippi Hare.”


  1. It's interesting that about the time Leon Schelsinger sold out to Warners, the new characters the various units created became more and more proprietary -- All the units used Sylvester, but until 1959, only the Freleng unit used Yosemite Sam, even though in this cartoon, Maltese pretty much writes a Sam cartoon for Jones, only with a different design and Billy Bletcher's angry southern baritone subbing for Mel's more western accent (and a decade later, Bob McKimson would create his own 'not Sam' character with Black Jacque Shillaque).

    1. McKimson also created another 'not Sam' character in "Oily Hare".

  2. Mel Blanc would take over Col.Shuffle's voice in the 1950 Charlie Dog solo cartoon, "Doggone South". "Bel-ve-dere..Come here boy!!!!"SC