Monday, 2 February 2015

Guns Everywhere and Nowhere

“I’m going to toin out da lights,” yells the detective in ‘Who Killed Who?’, “and when I toin ‘em on, I wanna see the gun here on dis table!” So he carries out the cliché.

Surprise! Followed by jumping take.

“We’ll try it again,” he shouts to the suspicious looking staff of the dead man’s mansion. Lights out. Another surprise and another take.

For reasons unknown, there are no credits, just a title card with Tex Avery’s name. Kent Rogers and Sara Berner supply voices.


  1. By the way, Yowp, this is Ray Abrams's scene. Thanks for the post,

  2. Is it the reissue version that has no credits besides Avery's, or the original??

  3. The prints currently on Dailymotion are the original issue, with the "tomato soup" MGM logo, and no credit for Fred Quimby. No animator credits either.

  4. 2/12/15 Wrote:
    Said the villains to the detective: "Ohhhh, wouldn't YOU like to know?!?
    Flustered detective: "Awright, Cut Out The Funny Stuff! " We'll Try Again!"

  5. Wasn't the detective voiced by Billy Bletcher?