Thursday, 18 September 2014

Minnie the Moocher Cat

“Minnie the Moocher” (1932) is another great Fleischer cartoon, mixing ghosts, skeletons, weird creatures and Cab Calloway’s music.

One little sequence has Calloway’s voice coming out of a spectre cat.

Suddenly spectre kittens pop up behind her and start feeding off her. The mother cat shrinks.

The mother cat hands them a milk bottle with four nipples. They continue to grow but she dies.

Willard Bowsky and Ralph Somerville receive the animation credits

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  1. Bowsky's unit was the one most into surreal/disturbing gags and images, and unlike some of the latter forays into those areas at Famous Studios, you can tell they got a kick out of the idea of unnerving the kiddies in the audience a little bit (Willard's updated, underwater color version of the Cab Calloway mystery cave would be the one in 1939's "Small Fry", where the graphics designs/selections are surprisingly modern for a Fleischer short, but aren't as visually noticable due to the crappy NTA prints in circulation).