Friday, 12 September 2014

Classical Flames

Bugs Bunny played classical music on the piano. Tom and Jerry played classical music on the piano (and won an Oscar). So why not Woody Woodpecker and Andy Panda?

Daily Variety reported on January 23, 1946:

Lantz Doing Chopin “Chopin’s Musical Moments,” based on four of the composers’ works, will be the first of the New Classical Cartoon series to be produced by Walter Lantz. Series will be titled “Musical Miniatures” and will be done in Technicolor. Dick Lundy will direct.

The trade paper further reported on February 4th that Ted Saidenberg and Ed Rebner had been signed by Lantz to play the 88s on the soundtrack.

A cute gag is when the barn-theatre where the dual piano performance is taking place catches fire. The flames come to life and form a little circle like a football huddle. Note the one flame giving field instructions.

The cartoon won a Musical Courier award in May 1947 for best musical short. Darrell Calker handled the score.

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