Thursday, 10 July 2014

Now, There's a Well-Built Doghouse

The wolf tries to get at the little pigs’ pups’ brick house in “Three Little Pups.” Here are some of the drawings which get used over and over in a few cycles.

There are even two great smear drawings.

Scott Bradley’s music gets louder and louder, then finally stops when the frantic wolf stops. In a great contrast, he calmly turns to the camera and says “Now, there’s a well-built dog house, man!”

There’s a 1952 copyright date on the cartoon, but Variety reported on Monday, March 2, 1953 that producer Fred Quimby had added it to the completed list on the weekend. Coincidentally, that same weekend, Quimby shut down the Tex Avery unit that made the cartoon. “Three Little Pups” was released December 26th that year.

Mike Lah, Bob Bentley, Ray Patterson, Grant Simmons and Walt Clinton are the credited animators.

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