Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hungover Sun

The sun gets up in the morning—and it apparently had a rough night. These are some of the drawings from “Morning, Noon and Night,” a 1933 Fleischer cartoon.

The cartoon was an attempt to score classical music to birds, flowers and butterflies and other things generally best left in the province of Mr. W.E. Disney. But, unlike Mr. Disney, the Fleischers add drunken cat rowdies and Betty Boop. It’s not the best mix but the musicality shows some dexterity.

Tom Johnson and Dave Tendlar received the animation credits on this short.

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  1. Johnson probably had the best pure comedy chops of all the Fleischer directors, and was the first to really put the faster timing and rapid-fire gag style into the studio's shorts after the arrival of the west coast animators in Miami. But it is odd seeing him get top credit over Tendlar here, since Dave would end up running the studio's No. 3 unit (behind Kneitel and Bowsky) in the mid-1930s.