Thursday, 17 July 2014

Funny Fish

The best part of the Scrappy cartoon “The Bad Genius” (1932) is the fish in the bowl that tag along to provide comic relief. Well, some Scrappy fans may like the weird ending where the knocked out baby Oopie is strung up like a marionette and performs.

Oopie forsakes his practicing on the double bass to go joy-riding—with the Yippee the dog pulling him on top of the instrument while the infant balances the bowl of fish on his head.

The ride is stopped by a rock on the road and Oopie and the fish fly into a nearby hog trough.

I love how the fish are on top of Oopie’s head when it comes up from the mud and spit mud at Scrappy.

The fish shake hands (fins?) in congratulations. Naturally, because Scrappy’s face is now black, the fish shout “Mammy!” at him, then jump away to return later in the cartoon.

Sid Marcus and Art Davis get the animation credits with the story by Dick Huemer.

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