Friday, 4 July 2014

Doing the Splits

A female mouse really does the splits in “Land O’ Cotton,” a 1929 silent Aesop Fable by Paul Terry and Frank Moser. These are consecutive drawings.

Here’s the review of the cartoon from Motion Picture News, January 5, 1929.

"Land O'Cotton"
(Fable-Pathe— One Reel)
THERE is some real good humor as well as a well executed story in this Aesop's Fable of Simon Legree and his slave boy and girl. Their purchase, incarceration and getaway from their brutal master provide more than the usual number of laughs found in these animated cartoons.
Simon, after buying the boy and girl on the auction block locks them up in adjoining huts and they are aided in their getaway by a friendly mule. The chase for them is highly exciting and as they are about to be recaptured the mule throws his two hind shoes with deadly accuracy and renders Simon null and void. — CHESTER J SMITH.

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