Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Kitchen of Tomorrow Today

“The Jetsons” laid out for us a World of the Future. Viewers in the early ‘60s couldn’t wait for the flying car to be invented. And the same kind of thing happened with the Tex Avery cartoon “House of Tomorrow” (1949).

Above you see a couple of items conjured up by the brains of Avery, Rich Hogan and Jack Cosgriff (the latter two were Avery’s writers). Apparently, some people loved them. Here’s Daily Variety from August 15, 1949.

GAGS that sprouted in the minds of MGM cartoon experts have come home to roost. “House of Tomorrow,” current MGM cartoon, features over twenty labor-saving gadgets, intended originally just for laughs. But certain manufacturers have taken the cartoon seriously and letters have been received asking for blueprints of two of the gadgets shown, a device to separate seeds from oranges without squirting, and an automatic sandwich maker which, feeding in loaves of bread, gobs of butter, and ends of meat, ends [up] as finished sandwiches.

The cartoon was released the previous June 11th. Walt Clinton, Mike Lah and Grant Simmons get the animation credits

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