Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lights of the Silvery Moon

Weird creatures populated all kinds of cartoons made in New York in the early ‘30s. One of those shorts was Van Beuren’s “Silvery Moon” (1933) where a pair of cats act like Cubby Bear and his girl-friend, with the male cat dressed just like Jerry from the Tom and Jerry cartoons.

The cats climb a stairway to the moon where they discover it’s made of candy—and meet up with three bizarre beings with shining light bulbs on top of their heads. They’ve got great little individual walks that you can’t tell from these frames.

The cats eat too much candy and end up being chased by a bottle of Castor Oil and a spoon.

John Foster and Mannie Davis get the credits on this one. Sounds like Margie Hines as the girl cat.


  1. I wonder if Jim Tyer did those great run cycles with the castor oil and the spoon.

  2. Hi Devon, That's Tyer's animation!