Sunday, 25 November 2012

Selling Krazy Kat

We’ve posted some reviews of cartoons from the second half of 1928 from The Film Daily. Charlie Mintz had been pushing his Oswald cartoons in box ads in the trade paper but he also took out space to let everyone know about his studio’s Krazy Kat cartoons, more than once a week. Here are the first eight from July 1st onward.

Interestingly, all the ads mention the names of the animators as well as Mintz’s. Not seen anywhere is George Herriman, the creator of the character. Nor is his drawing style.


  1. Of coruse the deisgn returned in the cheapo King Features Sydicate/vsarious studio collabrotaitons in 1962-63, incoluding a few starting ones that Paramount released with other KFS characters, the final Popeyes of theirs, with Beetle Bailey and Snuffy Smith in those pilots for oft-rerun 1960s cartoons that have been so debated. In the 1960s Krazy Kat, voiced by a gal named Penny Phillips, was clearly a girl cat.At least George Herriman's style returned.Steve

  2. Where or how do I buy these..? I know the post is back from 2012... but worth a shot..? Is there an ebey account or your email..? Thanks, Vyta

  3. Vyta, to be honest, I don't know if these cartoons even exist now. I've never seen them. They're all silent cartoons.