Friday, 4 May 2012

Giraffe of Tomorrow

Tex Avery had different kinds of gags he’d pour into a cartoon and that’s one of the many reasons he stood out as a director. His cartoons weren’t just a bunch out outrageous takes. They weren’t just a bunch of punny sight-gags. Or self-references. They were all of those tossed together. And, occasionally, Tex would add some nonsense from out of nowhere.

He did that in Car of Tomorrow (1951). The cartoon barrels along with all kinds of visual puns based on car design, then he gives us six seconds of a new model rolling down the street:

Narrator: Here’s a handy little model that comes with a hole in the top, for all those people who have pet giraffes.

The conjoined eyes of the giraffe look like something Mike Lah would draw. Lah, Walt Clinton and Grant Simmons get the animation credits. I can’t tell you who designed the cars but Johnny Johnsen handled the backgrounds. Gil Warren is the narrator and you can’t miss June Foray as the woman driver.

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  1. The best scene by far was the car with bumpers for pedestrians. Makes me laugh hard every time! Another little gem from Tex overall.