Monday, 9 October 2017

The Yams Did It

What?! Porky Pig had everything ready for a nice turkey dinner? With ch-chee-chuh-chestnut dressing, too. “Cranberry sauce?” asks Daffy. “And with mashed potatoes and green peas,” assures Porky. “And candied yams?” gulps Daffy. Yes, candied yams.

Alas, the temptation of food turns the good Daffy, who won’t reveal the location of a turkey fit for a dinner, into the bad Daffy. Not only does the halo disappear and angel wings shrink, the colour changes from a heavenly blue to a more subterranean purple (very subterranean).

Cut to Daffy uttering one of his most famous lines: “The yams did it!” he cries, pounding the snowy ground before revealing where the turkey is hiding.

Said E.M. Freiburger of the Paramount Theatre in Dewey, Oklahoma: “This is an excellent color cartoon.” Opined Harland Rankin of the Plaza Theatre in Tilbury, Ontario: “This is a clever cartoon, which seemed to please my patrons.” “Excellent,” rated the Showmen’s Trade Review.

It was released February 12, 1944.

Ken Harris is the only credited animator, but Ben Washam and Bobe Cannon were in the Chuck Jones unit at the time this cartoon was made.


  1. *Daffy gets on a stool pretending to be a stool pigeon* XD

  2. I believe Rudy Larriva animated this scene.

  3. "Story by The Staff". Veteran bad-guy Billy Bletcher as the turkey! Porky morphs into dope (the controlled substance type). "Here. No hide in here! Here!".SC :)

  4. "Tom Turk and Duffy" haha