Friday, 6 October 2017

Reckless Eyes

“Hey, copper, take a look,” says Woody Woodpecker to Wally Walrus, who just happens to be in mid-air after Woody’s makeshift airplane bammed into Wally’s door. Wally nods his head—then realises where he is. Here’s the take.

I will bet you the multiple eyes are courtesy of Don Williams, who made the same kind of drawings when he moved over to Warner Bros. from Lantz.

This is from the 1946 cartoon, The Reckless Driver, which gives animation credit on screen to Les Kline and Grim Natwick.

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  1. It does look like Williams' work, but if I'm assuming correctly, this is by Grim Natwick. He always drew Woody quite disheveled and gave him an interesting beak design.
    Plus, Williams was already at Warners by 1946; one of the las he worked on was "The Dippy Diplomat", released in 1945.