Tuesday, 3 October 2017

I've Seen This Before

Director Mike Lah borrows the try-to-break-down-door joke from The Three Little Pups (1953) for his cartoon Blackboard Jumble (1956).

It appears he borrowed more than just the gag.

It’s a shame Lah didn’t borrow some of the stronger gags from Avery’s original.


  1. Since Tex had stylized his wolf and angualrized the Droopys for "Three Little Pups", reusing the characters for Cinemascope doesn't make them look as out-of-place with the backgrounds as the two Avery and two T&J cartoons from the 1948-50 period that Hanna-Barbera had redone in widescreen format.

  2. "Now, that's what I call a well-built doghouse, man!"

  3. Tex Avery and Michael Lah: everything to do.