Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Turn-Tale Wolf Backgrounds

Dick Thomas was responsible for the background art in the Bob McKimson unit for the first number of years it was in operation at Warner Bros. (He had been in the Bob Clampett “Katz” unit in the late 1930s).

Here’s some of his work in The Turn-Tale Wolf (released in 1951). I love the pin-ups and the pillow stuffed through the broken window in the wolf’s run-down home.

Here’s part of an interior of the home the sissified version of the wolf lived in with his mother.

The layouts in this cartoon were supplied by Pete Alvarado.


  1. We're late in the game here for backgrounds that conformed to the more realistic look of the 1940s. McKimson would hold out a little longer than Jones or even Freleng, but the UPA stylizations started to show up there as well, even before the studio's 3-D shutdown.

    1. I wonder if that was McKimson's preference. I don't know how much free reign he gave to Alvarado or Gribbroek in coming up with layouts.