Monday, 19 June 2017

The Pepe Bounce

Anyone who’s seen a Pepe Le Pew cartoon will remember the routine where a cat-turned-skunk is desperately fleeing from him, slowing down from exhaustion, while Pepe maintains an even, bouncy trot accompanied by little curly-cue notes on a violin.

In the first Pepe cartoon, The Odor-Able Kitty, the trot is in a cycle of 12 drawings.

Bobe Cannon is the credited animator, while Tedd Pierce gets the story credit in this Warner Bros. cartoon by Chuck Jones that seems to have been intended as a one-shot (credits are from the Catalog of Copyright Entries, Motion Pictures 1940-49).


  1. Jones must have loved Frank Tashlin's "Much Ado About Mutton" from early 1944, because you can see traces of both the Le Pew series (the ram does the 'bounce' walk) as well as the Ralph and Sam series (with the wolf's initial schemes getting him waylayed by the ram).

    1. Actually, the title of Tashlin's film was I Got Plenty of Mutton.