Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Pancakes Are Panned

Betty Boop's pancakes fly around her diner and out through the chimney into the night air. Even the moon eats a couple. But there's one problem. They're not edible.

Everyone gets sick on them, including a customer that spins and turns into a knot, a stove and the diner itself. Customers jump out the window and moan in a circle outside.

The moon gets sick, too, and is taken away by two stars on a stretcher, while a third replaces it with an oil lamp.

Seymour Kneitel and Bernie Wolf are the credited animators in "Betty Boop's Busy Bee" (1932).


  1. Is that Koko making a cameo in the left hand corner of the frame?

    1. Yes, Errol, he's featured in this cartoon.

  2. 1932 also saw Van Beuren's Tom & Jerry in "Pots and Pans," also set in a diner. Both good examples of their series.