Friday, 9 June 2017

Gimme That Wool

A pretty ugly wolf robs a sheep of his wool in the Walter Lantz Red Riding Hood spoof "Grandma's Pet" (1931).

I love the pathetic sheep who gets kicked in the butt and out of the scene. The wolf then struts around like a fancy dude, only to find a roach or beetle or something he flicks off the coat (it then scoots off in perspective toward the camera and out of the cartoon). The drawing is crude-looking, like something out of a 1920s Aesop's Fable, but the scene is still funny.

Early sound Lantz cartoons mean fun cartoons. There's a great scene with a baby tree spanking the wolf. Just compare that to the humourless, almost unwatchable junk the studio was making in 1971.

Manny Moreno along with Tex Avery, Ray Abrams, Les Kline and old-timer Vet Anderson animated this cartoon.

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  1. This is one of Vet Anderson's scenes, Yowp.