Tuesday, 30 May 2017

You Dropped Something

Friz Freleng’s timing is perfect once again in The Trial of Mr. Wolf (1941). The Big Bad Wolf is on trial for crimes against Red Riding Hood. At the outset of the cartoon, he bows to those in the courtroom. At just the right moment, weapons fall out of his clothes. He does a telescope eye take, then there are a pile of drawings—most, if not all different—of the wolf swooshing around to gather them up. There are some cases where the animator/in betweener doesn’t even draw the eyes.

Dick Bickenbach is the credited animator, with the story by Mike Maltese.

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  1. It's an interesting transitional cartoon from the 1940-42 period where Warners' directors were best learning how to use fast movement for comic effect. You see that here, but then when Granny is hiding the furs before Red brings the wolf to her house, we see her extendedly getting rid of the evidence -- had Friz done the cartoon a year or two later, that bit also would have been sped up to make the reaction even funnier.