Monday, 29 May 2017

Done Swallered a Television

“Now, don’t ask how we got the television set back,” is Droopy’s comment to those in the viewing audience who try to put sense into a Tex Avery cartoon. For, a little earlier in the cartoon (Three Little Pups), the big bad wolf sucks the TV set out of the house of bricks through a straw and into his stomach.

“Heck's fire. I seen that one last night,” says the wolf, as he shuts off the set to end the gag.


  1. The UPA-ish designs fit with Daws' laid-back Huck voice and motions, and provide an even bigger contrast between the animation and the live-action western on the TV (which in turn makes Tex's final gag of the cartoon even funnier).

  2. "Now don't ask.....", Droopy's unexpected, deadpan, 4th wall breaking comment is my all time favorite in a Tex Avery cartoon, with "break it up son, joke's over" from the same cartoon running a close second.