Tuesday, 4 April 2017

We Now Pause

Tex Avery and his gagmen (generally Rich Hogan or Heck Allen) used routines over and over until even Tex got to the point of wondering if they were still funny.

One that surfaced a couple of times in Tex’s early days appeared in Dangerous Dan McFoo (1939). A trio is singing that vererable old melody “The Quilting Party” when it stops and mugs for the camera. Tex holds the pose for 46 frames before the characters resume singing. He pulled the same gag the previous year in The Penguin Parade.

The song concluded, for some reason Avery has the singers thrust their crotches at the camera (accompanied by a timpani) before scooting out of the cartoon in mid-air.

The story in this cartoon is by Hogan. Avery’s animators around this time included Virgil Ross, Sid Sutherland, Ham Hamilton and Paul J. Smith.


  1. Tom Johnson down at Famous Studios two years later would have the maraca-shaking dancer in "Kickin' the Conga-'Round" thrust his pelvic region towards the audience as a 'Censored' sign appears in from of his lower regions. So I assume here the non-censored thrust and the fearful look during run off-stage means the gag's supposed to be just the risqueness of doing the action (and the Hays Office may have been more OK with Avery's three hobo-ish dogs doing it than a human being).