Monday, 24 April 2017

Maybe It Does Strike Twice

“The Boy Scout Book says never stand under a tree in a lightning storm,” Droopy informs Spike in Droopy’s Good Deed. Lightning happily obliges to prove the point.

“It says, however, lightning never strikes twice in the same place,” Droopy continues, convincing Spike it’s safe to go back to where the tree was hit. The result is a gag edited for American television (that is, if Tex Avery cartoons still appear anywhere on American television). Scott Bradley plays “Swanee River” in the background.

There’s an odd frame that slipped through production that’s x’d out. The only way you’d see it is if you freeze-framed the cartoon.

Tex’s animators in this cartoon are Mike Lah, Walt Clinton and Grant Simmons.


  1. This cartoon has an even more outrageous 'blackface scene' later on. After Spike goes into a burning cabin to presumably rescue a comely female, he is again charred into a stereotyped 'Negro'. Droopy reinforces the gag by casually inquiring "Hey, Blackie- any more babes in there?" It's shocking this passed the censors by 1950, when this cartoon was made.

  2. Yeah, I've seen it in the few uncensored versions I've been able to find. It makes me wonder--was it the last instance in any US theatrical cartoon of a blackface gag? I can't think of any after this.