Monday, 30 January 2017

Robbing the 5:15

Bugs Bunny screws around with Red Hot Rider just for something to do in the 1944 cartoon Buckaroo Bugs.

Bugs tells the dullard hero that the Masked Marauder has robbed the 5:15 train (trains always arrive at 5:15 in cartoons). A huge commotion is heard. Cut to Bugs and a huge sound effects contraption.

Lou Lilly is the story man. Manny Gould gets the only animation credit.

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  1. The 5:15 reference probably goes to the 1914 song "On the 5:15" by the American Quartet, which dealt with the early life and tribulations of a suburban commuter trying to leave the city.

    The lead singer there was Billy Murray, whose voice would be heard 15 years later on many of the early Fleischer cartoons (and the song itself sounds like it was tailor-made to be used in a Fleischer Talkartoon or Screen Song)/