Friday, 6 January 2017

Flipping For Flip

Poverty-stricken Flip and a young friend escape from a cop into someone’s apartment suite in What a Life (1932). They find food and musical instruments. Their playing attracts one of those long-legged women you find in Ub Iwerks cartoons.

More of Iwerks’ radiating lines.

The woman saunters over to Flip and shows an interest in more than his musicology.

Her husband comes home. It’s the cop!

The woman has Flip and the kid hide in the closet, but the cop/husband is wise. “Come outta there or I’ll shoot,” he growls. The gag? It’s not Flip and the kid. And it would appear the woman doesn’t discriminate racial when it comes to her men of interest (Flip, on the other hand, shows a decided delectation in female felines even though he’s supposed to be a frog).

The title card says the cartoon was drawn by Ub Iwerks. We suspect some other animators had their hand in this.

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  1. Presumably Grim Natwick; his drawing style is all over those frames.