Monday, 26 September 2016

Swallow the Leader Backgrounds

Dick Thomas’ background paintings of San Juan Capistrano highlight the opening of the Bob McKimson short “Swallow the Leader” (released in 1948).

The camera panned over this painting. Cornett Wood was responsible for the layouts.

Between this and the cycle animation of birds to start the cartoon, McKimson saved Warners a bit of money.

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  1. Released in 1948 (and it was copyrighted 1948 and Prod.110?) maybe in your native country Canada, but here it was released in September 1949 (I believe). Robert C.Bruce as narrator and Mel Blanc with the swallow sounds and the cat's end-zinger provide the occasional fun vocal laughs (this, of course, is a pantomime credit with all due respect to Mel Blanc and his screen credit..) and those ARE indeed VERY nice backgrounds.