Friday, 23 September 2016

Cat Thwarts Frog

The Flip cartoon “Room Runners” (1932) is probably famous among cartoon fans for featuring a semi-naked woman and assorted female breast jokes. But it also includes Ub Iwerks’ fetish for radiating and jagged sound lines.

Here’s an example. Flip’s trying to sneak out of the Grand Slam Hotel. A noisy cat sneaks up behind them.

Then the cat gets under Flip and the frog tumbles down the stairs. Some simple but effective expressions on the cat.

The score’s really good on this. Devon Baxter has gone through some cue sheets and found the composer was Scott Bradley.


  1. I have to assume Ub and his artists were fans of Cliff Sterrett ("Polly and Her Pals"), because I see his influence in those characters and backgrounds.

    1. I think Grim Gatwick and Berny Wolf both show Sterrett's influence during their Iwerks years.

  2. Interesting to compare this with "Porky Pig's Feat," done by Frank Tashlin 11 years later. Similar plot (skipping out on hotel bill), but just compare the timing. Certainly a pre-Code number here, hmm?