Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Using His Head

One of the seemingly endless “George” cartoons is Cat-Tails For Two, which marked the debut of Speedy Gonzales.

You know how it works. A big dumb character keeps calling another character “George” (even if his name isn’t George).

In this cartoon, the big dumb Bernie (voiced by Stan Freberg) tells George (voiced by Mel Blanc) “I’ll be real smart and use my head.” He certainly does. He uses it to bang himself against a steel beam. I really like George’s expressions here.

The scene features the familiar “squashed flat against the body gag” you’ve seen in other cartoons.

Rod Scribner, Phil De Lara, Herman Cohen and Chuck McKimson animate from a story by Tedd Pierce.


  1. McKimson certainly had a sizable repertory company of non-Sylvester felines, didn't he? Along with Benny here, there was also Dodsworth, both with two cartoons apiece.The unnamed simian-faced cat ("Early to Bet", "Swallow the Leader", "It's Hummer Time"...) was the "breakout" of the troupe.

  2. As a small child watching all those cartoons on TV, I never really "got" the George shtick. Years later, thanks to Steinbeck and Lon Chaney Jr, I came to realize just how cruel and unfunny the cartoons were.