Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Arrow That Loved His Job

Crotch and butt violation jokes were as much a part of animated cartoons as Mickey Mouse’s round ears. Even Hanna-Barbera got laughs with Yogi Bear being shot in the rear by an arrow.

Here’s an example of an arrow enjoying his crotchy assignment a little too much. It’s from Robin Hood, Jr., a 1933 Ub Iwerks cartoon. It starts with Maid Marian sending a message by carrier pigeon (Eastern Union) to Robin Hood, Jr. to rescue her. But the evil King John sees the bird, so he gets his hoodlum crow to stop that pigeon.

There’s a nice bit of cycle animation of the birds fighting in mid-air. We’ll give you a couple of drawings.

Robin, Jr. and his Merry Men see what’s happening and Robin dispatches an arrow to take care of the situation. The arrow grows a head with a large open smile. He goes right for the crotch. Both the arrow and crow seem to enjoy it all.

The arrow now develops a determined expression and brings Maid Marian’s message to Robin, Jr.

There’s an ethnic Jewish joke and an effeminate joke as well because, well, that was a part of ‘30s cartoons as well. All Robin Hood, Jr. is missing is a radio programme catchphrase.


  1. "It’s from Robin Hood, Jr., a 1933 Ub Iwerks cartoon."

    A 1933 Ub Iwerks Willie Whopper cartoon. Give the star his due.
    According to the notes in Thunderbean's Willie Whopper set, Robin Hood Jr. was originally intended to be shot in color.

    1. Sorry, Stephen, that's a little too anal. I don't see a need to mention anything and everything about a cartoon when I'm posting stuff.

    2. Seems appropriate to be anal on a butt gag post.

    3. Quite so, TCJ. Quite so. Well done.

  2. Robin Hood Jr. and Yankee Doodle Pigeon Sr. (theme song title of his descendant being slipped inadvertently into the second paragraph. ;) ).