Monday, 29 August 2016

Invasion of Terrytown

Green cats with bat wings and feet that turn into wheels invade Terrytown, populated only with mice. Who can save the innocent rodents? The name “Terrytown” should give it away.

There are a few neat gags in Goons From the Moon (1950), like when Mighty Mouse (in song) urges the animator to hurry up and draw him so he can save the day. I like this scene that’s a throwback to the early ‘30s, when inanimate objects came to life. The mouse spots the asteroid or whatever it is the cats are on as it approaches Earth. The through-the-telescope take is pretty standard issue, but I like how the telescope jumps and runs away in fear.

Who animated the scene? Beats me. Terrytoons never credited animators until Gene Deitch arrived several years later.


  1. "hurry up....I have a Job TOOOOOOOOO doooooooooo!!!"

  2. Terrytown was also probably a very NYC area-centric pun on the village of Tarrytown, which is on the other side of Westchester County from the studio's hometown of New Rochelle.

  3. This scene was excerpted in CBS' 1987-88 Saturday morning Mighty Mouse 'reboot' exec produced by Ralph Bakshi. Because of the high budgets, several episodes had characters watching cartoons in theaters- which, naturally were old Terrytoons.