Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Gin! You Lose!

“I’m a-thinkin.’ (pause) And my head hurts,” Yosemite Sam tells Bugs Bunny as they play cards in the great Western spoof “Bugs Bunny Rides Again.”

The title could have been borrowed from “Buck Benny Rides Again,” a Jack Benny Western parody, and so could the card routine. In one of the Benny radio shows, Dennis Day “helps” Jack by telling him what card to play in a game of Gin Rummy against Mary Livingstone. Immediately after the card is laid down, Mary cries “Gin!” Bugs does the same thing here and zooms out of the scene. The best part is Sam’s expressions, subtle one moment and vivid the next. Gerry Chiniquy’s animation?

Carl Stalling has the Warners orchestra play a light version of My Little Buckaroo under the scene.

Tedd Pierce and Mike Maltese came up with the story and the gags, timed perfectly by Friz Freleng.

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  1. Yes, Yowp - Gerry Chiniquy animated this scene.