Friday, 6 May 2016

Snafu Thwacks a Nazi

Tsk, tsk. Private Snafu hasn’t taken care of his rifle, so when he tries to shoot a hulking Nazi, mud spews out instead of a bullet.

The Nazi realises what’s happened and is ready to tear apart our hero, who responds by bashing him with the weapon. Here are some of the great drawings as the enemy weaves around in a daze before recovering and chasing after the escaping Snafu.

This is from the short Fighting Tools, directed by Bob Clampett, and part of the Army/Navy Screen Magazine released in October 1943. Rod Scribner and Bob McKimson were in his unit when this cartoon was made; Phil Monroe might still have been there as well.

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  1. This is all Rod Scribner's animation, Yowp. In the 5th still is a principle of animation that you find in a lot of Bob McKimson's cartoons: show the contact one frame before an actual hit occurs. This happens with the Nazi's head just before the butt of Sanfu's rifle contacts him. If you study Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, you will see this principle at work, particularly when Foggy smacks the Barnyard Dog with a board.