Thursday, 12 May 2016

Living Ladder

Walt Disney wasn’t against inanimate objects arbitrarily coming to life in his early cartoons. Later, it was so much different (can you picture the bathtub in Mickey and the Seal sprouting arms and eyes?) and a lot less fun.

One of the cutest gags in The Fire Fighters (1930) is when a ladder in the fire house hears alarm bells and climbs down itself to get out (after first putting on its boots).

Of course, since it’s a Disney cartoon, there’s a butt violation gag. This time, flames lick Mickey’s butt several times in cycle animation.

There are a few other creative gags, too: pants and shoes running on their own, Mickey milking a fire hydrant like it’s a cow. Beats a seal in an inanimate bathtub any time.

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  1. You forgot about Minnie falling out of her panties...😰