Friday, 22 April 2016

Throwing the Bull

You may remember a scene from Señor Droopy where Droopy twirled a bull overhead and it passed in front of the camera in perspective. The cartoon was released in 1949. Popeye did the same thing in Bulldozing the Bull nine years earlier.

Here are some of the drawings.

Willard Bowsky and George Germanetti get screen credit.

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  1. Bowsky usually took a harder edge with his Popeye cartoons -- his Bluto was the psychotic misogynist that made audiences even more receptive the beat-down he'd get from Popeye at the end -- but deprived of Bluto as a foil for most of 1938, Bowsky showed he could do the more pure-gag oriented cartoons like the Kneitel unit had been specializing in.

    ("Bulldozing" is also one of the last great stream-of-consciousness verbal ad lib efforts by Jack Mercer and in this case, Margie Hines, who debuted as Olive in this cartoon. The ad lib 'mumblings' were toned down quite a bit within a year after the studio moved to Miami.)