Monday, 4 April 2016

Missile Hits Its Cinemascope Target

Director Mike Lah borrows the target-missile-butt joke from The Three Little Pups for his cartoon Blackboard Jumble (1956).

I don’t think the wide screen did the MGM characters any favours.

There’s no story credit. Lah’s animators were Irv Spence, journeymen Herman Cohen and Ken Southworth and long-time assistant animator Bill Schipek.

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  1. Lots of reused animation in this one, which in places run into the same problems MGM had when they completely remade some of the Tom & Jerry and Avery shorts for widecreen (though at least the missile has a little speed here -- the modified version Lah used for "Sheep Wrecked" just kind of floats along over the expansive CinemaScope screen before it finds its target).