Friday, 1 April 2016

Is Porky Pig Under Attack?

We don’t normally put these kinds of stories on this blog, but we’re making an exception today.

Ban Unpatriotic Porky, Says Local Group
RIVER’S MOUTH, Ill. – A local group calling itself “a watchdog against atheism” has demanded Warner Bros. Entertainment stop the circulation of a cartoon starring Porky Pig because it includes the United States Pledge of Allegiance without the words “under God.”
“Our children should be learning the correct pledge to their country,” said Dorothy L. Coslont, president of Patriots For America’s God, “and not exposed to a version which omits reference to the God upon which our nation was founded.
“We feel this deliberate exclusion is another example of the well-known liberal, atheistic bias with which Hollywood is infested,” Mrs. Coslont added.
She stated her organization decided to go public after not receiving a satisfactory response from the cartoon maker.
“We have called Warner Bros. Entertainment numerous times and requested to speak to the producer of the cartoon, Mr. Leon Schlesinger, so we can make our concerns known to him.
“Their response is they don’t have anyone working there by that name. Doesn’t that seem impossible to you? His name is right there on their cartoon.
“We are left to believe he, and the studio by extension, is refusing to address this issue.”
Children are being lured into a false sense of patriotism by the cartoon, Mrs. Coslont went on, pointing out the presence of Uncle Sam, Abraham Lincoln and animated scenes from the War of Independence.
“Then, after all these images of what’s good about America, they are blind-sided with a Pledge of Allegiance which makes no mention of God, directing them on the road to atheism,” said Mrs. Coslont.
“Porky Pig is beloved by millions of children and we don’t wish to see him used as a tool of those with a leftist, godless agenda,” she added.

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  1. Wow! Stuttering is usually the issue but here, it'
    s unpatatriotism, espcially with a Mickey Mouse like innocent (as originally intended)..Warner even did those Censored cartoons that razzed certain races fighting US in World War anti-Patriotism...Oh..and I found thisSC

  2. Well played. April Fool to you, too.😀

  3. Don't be surprised if some right-wing hammerhead takes this for a real news item and sounds an alarm...

  4. It's a good imitation of misplaced (self)righteous outrage. Well done.

  5. "Under God" wasn't added until the mid 50's...specifically as part of a larger goal to equate Christianity with Americanism (and all that went with it)