Friday, 12 February 2016

Yeah, We Get It, Walt

Ho hum. Walt Disney’s The Gorilla Mystery (1930) is a tame-fest. A third of the cartoon is Mickey and Minnie singing, dancing and piano playing, and most of the rest of it is about a slobbering gorilla. The beast approaches the camera not one but three times over the course of seven minutes.

The older shorts at least had pianos or piano stools or fish or trees come to life and dance along. This one has none of that kind of charm. It has two chamber pot jokes, though. It is a Disney cartoon, after all.


  1. ...and Hugh Harman came back from the theater and told his animators to give him exactly that on their next Looney Tune effort.

  2. Ah, chamber pot jokes. There's one in Laurel and Hardy's "Helpmates" and another in their "Going Bye-Bye!" That short also has a joke about a horse anchor (a large weight tethered to a vehicle). As time goes by, we'll probably have to start explaining what a candlestick telephone, an analog clock or a wind-up phonograph is.