Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Cats Bah In-Betweens

Ben Washam and Lloyd Vaughn are the only credited animators on the Pepe Le Pew cartoon The Cat’s Bah. There are more smears than animators.

As was mentioned in an earlier post, Chuck Jones temporarily split up his unit at the Warner Bros studio some time in 1952 and had his animators work on different cartoons. Dick Thompson and Abe Levitow animated Feline Frame-Up (Production 1278), Ken Harris handled No Barking (Production 1282) while Washam and Vaughn drew The Cats Bah (Production 1285). All were released in 1954.


  1. As I mentioned elsewhere, this cartoon began with Pepe parodying the TV series "The Continental."

  2. "When you're a camel, you soon learn to put up with anything."

  3. The eternal chase between Pepe Le Pew and Penelope the female cat.