Monday, 21 September 2015

Self-Referential Tex

“Who Killed Who?” is full of parody, puns, clichés, silliness and even a self-referential gag at the start.

There are no animation credits but I imagine Avery’s unit at the time had Preston Blair, Ray Abrams, Ed Love and maybe Irv Spence in it at the time. If someone can pick out Spence animation in this cartoon, let me know.


  1. Decades before Norman Mailer penned the novelization of Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie.

    The Victim's terrified countenance came not from his reading matter, but the pair of human hands he suddenly acquired in the last image.

  2. Don't know about the animators..the opening character's voice, of course, is a pardoy of Richard Haydn with the unique voice and dialect...:)SteveC

  3. Spence doesn't animate on this cartoon, Yowp.