Thursday, 24 September 2015

Heart of a Prince

The dopey prince has a neat little high-step walk cycle, fully animated, in the Terrytoon “The Glass Slipper” (1948). The prince comes to a stop but part of his body wants to keep going.

Cinderella sends him a kiss.

The reaction.

I like how the force of the heart going back into his body sends part of his body backwards.

Then he stretch-dives, somewhat similar to Carlo Vinci’s animation at Terrytoons and elsewhere, off screen.

There’s a lot that’s “meh,” as the kids say, about Terrytoons, but in this cartoons there are some great drawings of Cinderella during a dance sequence in the palace, the mixed chorus the studio used is good, there’s a neigh-ing wooden horsie. And there’s Jim Tyer.

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  1. The first scene of the Prince is by Jim Tyer, the "heart take" scene is by Carlo Vinci. Not sure about the princess.