Friday, 22 May 2015

The Beach Nut

Some outlines as Wally Walrus reaches to grab Woody Woodpecker in “The Beach Nut” (1944). Outlines like these were common in Woody cartoons for a few years. So was the perspective animation of something swooshing toward and past the camera.

Some perspective drawings as Wally pulls Woody back. These are animated on twos.

Dick Lundy and Les Kline are the only credited animators. I wondered whether the drawing below was Don Williams’ but someone will know.


  1. According to the draft, the scene where Wally whisks Woody toward camera is Verne Harding's. (Scene 1C) Dick Lundy did the scene where Woody lands in the sand on top of the surfboard (Scene 1D). You sure love blurs, smears and distortions, don't you Yowp?

  2. Well, it's nice to see how these things are done.