Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Laughing Sylvester

Kind of a squat looking Sylvester, wouldn’t you say?

This is from “Hippety Hopper,” the second cartoon featuring the Sylvester, a “giant mouse” and a huge bulldog that keeps throwing Sylvester back in the house. Here are consecutive drawings (on twos) of Sylvester laughing and the theme “You Never Know Where You’re Going ‘Til You Get There.”

Pete Burness is in the Bob McKimson unit for this cartoon, along with Chuck McKimson, Izzy Ellis and Phil De Lara, and maybe some uncredited animators,


  1. Is this the one that ends with Sylvester abd the dog taking up ballet? 'Cause I love that ending! :-)

  2. This scene was drawn by the fabulous Manny Gould!

  3. Love that great drybrush work.

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  5. McKimson's unit decided to 'fatten up' their main characters for some reason in period or releases from 1948 to about mid-1950. It wasn't as noticeable on Daffy, but stands out a lot with Bugs and Sylvester (who also gets an elongated muzzle during this time period). It's odd because during the time he worked under Avery and Clampett, McKimson's elegant character designs pretty much set the standard for the studio, while his late 40s revisions made the main characters uglier, were never accepted by the other units and were pretty much abandoned by Bob towards then end of the '50 release season.

    1. I sorta dig the fatter Bugs during that time myself, but can understand how unpopular that was otherwise. A pretty weird phase for McKimson to go through.