Sunday, 3 May 2015

J-e-l-l....Well, You Know What It Is

Here’s a Sunday night “Benny Bonus” on the Tralfaz blog.

The picture is from the June 1936 edition of Radio Mirror. There was no article about Jack Benny or his cast in that edition. It was published just for the sake of it, I guess. The caption pretty much tells it all, other than the dish they’ve made is tempting and economical and comes in six delicious flavours (we hope this one doesn’t have the added flavour of pipe tobacco ash). So look for the big red letters on the box!

Incidentally, June 1936 marked Green’s last month on the Benny show. While Phil Harris may not have been Benny’s first choice as a replacement for Green, time proved him to be the best one.


  1. Green does have a frozen look on his face that kind of says "How did I end up staring at a dish of Jello?"

  2. When did Benny move to the Red Network?