Sunday, 4 January 2015

Magoo in the Comics, January 1965

Here are the Mr. Magoo dailies from this month 50 years ago.

I won’t say much about them, other than to note that two of the strips have Magoo thinking quickly after realising he’s mistaken something for something else. I quite like that.

Someone will know whether the artwork is by Pete Alvarado. It’s very nice. In a couple of places, the incidental characters look like they came from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

The strips start with January 4, 1965 and end with January 30, 1965. Click on each week to see it in full size.


  1. That IS Pete Alvarado's work.

  2. Most of the strips in the first 3 weeks of this batch are in the "What's New Mr. Magoo" paperback.

  3. 1/9/15 Wrote:
    Nice collection of Pete Alvarado's Magoo strips. The one I remember as a child was the one which Magoo places the salad bowl on top of the poor lady's noggin, mistaking it for a hat; Try to walk down the street balancing that thing on your head for laughs. Magoo's nearsightedness for a laugh formula was too obvious (something that his creator John Hubley disliked, preferring Magoo to be a stubborn old coot too stubborn to even think of getting a pair of glasses, check out his mean-spiritedness in his first appearance in 1949's "Ragtime Bear", this is something that the comic strip editors unfortunately would want to have bowderlized.) Alvarado's clean H-B inspired drawing is what makes the Magoo strips interesting, not necessarily the gags and one-liners. The fact that Alvarado once worked for Bill & Joe previously before drawing this strip is a plus.