Monday, 26 January 2015

Hare Conditioned Smears

The department store clerk with the Gildersleeve laugh goes hunting Bugs Bunny in “Hare Conditioned,” making his way through various aisles. He looks around and then smears from place to place.

Ben Washam gets an animation credit on this one, along with Ken Harris, Lloyd Vaughan and Basil Davidovich. Don’t ask me who did the clerk’s voice. Dick Nelson’s name has been bandied about but it sounds like Tedd Pierce in places to me, with Mel Blanc adding a post-sync line (the mouth isn’t animated).


  1. The same voice shows up at least once a few years before this cartoon, over at Lantz as the cop in the Woody Woodpecker short "The Screwball". It also sounds like the same voice as the radio announcer describing the food to a starving Sylvester in "Life with Feathers", which was probably in production as the same time as "Hare Conditioned".

    1. The cop in THE SCREWBALL was Kent Rogers. Might be Dave Barry as the radio announcer in LIFE WITH FEATHERS.

    2. Devon, isn't Harold Peary the voice of the cop in "The Screwball" (1943)? Because the voice is reminiscent of the wolf from Tex Avery's "One Ham's Family" (1943) if you compare them.

  2. Keith Scott said that Dave Barry provided the voice of the clerk, Yowp. Apparently, Hal Peary himself played the Gildersleeve Devil in HOT SPOT (a '45 SNAFU).