Thursday, 20 November 2014

Slap Happy Skeleton

A lion swallows a bomb to blow up a mouse in his stomach in Tex Avery’s “Slap Happy Lion.” The mouse gets out—then the lion realises what he’s done. He bids us a fond farewell.

Fortunately, the lion isn’t dead. Parts of his body descend from the sky in sequence and he’s just like new again.

This is another one of Avery’s “the-little-guy-is-always-there” cartoons, in this case a lion-frightening mouse (voiced by Frank Graham).

Bob Bentley, Ray Abrams and Walt Clinton are the animators in this cartoon.

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  1. So is that what would become the stock Hanna Barbera TV explosion? I'm thinking they lifted it at MGM and took it with them when they opened their own studio...