Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Wild Fudd

Elmer Fudd is dwiven nuts by the horse-whinny version of Bugs Bunny in “Elmer’s Candid Camera” (1940). Bob McKimson gets the sole animation credit but Ken Harris, Bobe Cannon and Phil Monroe, I suspect, animated on this cartoon as well. Is that Harris doing Elmer in the net?

Highlights, modelling, gags that you tire of before they finish unfolding. Yes, it’s an early Chuck Jones cartoon. Fortunately, this Bugs was jettisoned by the studio after Tex Avery figured out the character and Jones went on to make outstanding, memorable cartoons with the new weisenheimer version.


  1. Tex was smart enough to have his Elmer simply walk off sobbing in defeat in his version. Jones' showing Elmer losing his marbles is a little disturbing -- albeit audiences of early 1940 with no other experiences with the reworked Arthur Q. Bryan version of Elmer as TV viewers of 20 years later had might not have felt the same way. Still a long way to go to get to an end gag the Fleischers' Willard Bowsky handled in far quicker fashion in "The Two-Alarm Fire".

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