Friday, 9 May 2014

The Turtle Mel Blanc

“I am known as the man with the thousand voices,” says Mel Blanc. Only it’s not really Mel Blanc. It’s Mel Blanc playing a turtle auditioning for Porky Pig in “Curtain Razor” (released in May 1949). Mel, of course, was known as the Man of a Thousand Voices, along with a thousand other people.

He’s Senator Claghorn (who doesn’t sound like Foghorn Leghorn)

He’s Bugs Bunny.

He’s Pedro the Handyman on the Judy Canova Show. Blanc played the role on radio.

He’s Jimmy Durante.

He’s Rochester. “Hold that phone, boss!”

There are a couple of Jack Benny references at the start of the cartoon when the grasshopper is auditioning. “I wowed them in Waukegan!” he says (Benny’s home town). “I killed ‘em in Cuc...(pause)...amonga!” (Blanc played Benny’s train announcer that called for passengers to “Anaheim, Asuza and Cuc...(pause)...amonga.”)

Manny Perez, Pete Burness, Ken Champin and Virgil Ross are the credited animators on this fun Freleng film. See the comments for the identity of the animator of this scene.


  1. This scene is Pete Burness's animation.

  2. Probably the best 'non-use' use of Porky as a starring character (Friz and Bob Clampett struggled like crazy to come up with Looney Tunes story ideas in the 1939-40 period that could have Porky as the star while at the same time featuring the supporting characters -- by 1948 there was no longer an edict that the pig had to be in all the LTs, but making him a booking agent here sets up the parade of characters/show biz gags that follow).

  3. "B-u-b-b-b-u-t that was only n-n-n-nine hundred and n-n-n-inety nine voices!"/"Shucks, I KNOW I've got another one! Well, I'll think of it....."

  4. Hi, Yowp..very funny carton with too many contestants to mention, but I'll point out a little correction that this was released in 1949, not 1948. Small mistake,of course. Excellent post. Appreiation to Thad for pointing out the animation. J.Fin and Hattie with his skyrisiing/diving circus hat is another stand out....:)SC